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So far in this nine weeks, I have been reading, “Out of My Mind” by Sharon Draper. “Out of My Mind” is a story about a disabled girl named Melody who is the most intelligent girl around, yet sadly for her, she has never been able to communicate what she is thinking. Later on in the story, she she meet new friends and something that changes her life forever. She finds out about the Medi-Talker, which allows her, and people just like Melody, to finally be able to talk. Because she has a Medi-Talker, she finally has a way to communicate her smarts. Melody is now pumped to try out for the Whiz Kids team at her Elementary school. Melody tries out for the team, and shockingly for her classmates, is the only one to get all of the quiz questions right. Because of this, Melody makes the team and their first competition is on t.v. Melody’s team terminates and goes onto the competition in Washington. So far, this is as far as I have gotten in the book and I love it. It will completely change how you think about people and will make you appreciate your abilities.

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  1. haley2017 said:

    Rachel read the book “Out of My Mind” and wrote a great review on it. She had a couple grammar mistakes but besides that it was very well written.

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